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Parental Alienation Syndrome

Houston, Texas Parental Alienation Attorney

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) refers to divorce and child custody cases where one parent influences a child to denigrate or dislike his or her other parent. This can take many different forms, including providing a child with alleged evidence of the other parent's unfitness, immorality, or character defects through pictures, written notes, or stories. Since children lack the full moral and rational capacity needed to evaluate complex information, they are often easily influenced. Consequently, PAS results in the alienation of a child from a parent after being "brainwashed" or manipulated by his or her mother or father. After a divorce, the custodial or non-custodial parent can plant misinformation in the mind of a child, leading to a desire on his or her part to have nothing to do with the parent who is the target of the misinformation.

At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, we have the experience and resources needed to help parents who are the target of denigration in cases involving Parental Alienation Syndrome. If you believe your ex-spouse is poisoning your child against you, contact child custody lawyer Wendy Wood today.

Addressing Parental Alienation Syndrome

If you believe your ex-spouse has turned your son or daughter against you, we can file a modification petition before the court. We can ask the court to consider modifying any existing child custody or visitation arrangement in light of the actions of your ex-spouse. You'll have an opportunity to present evidence indicating your ex-spouse has engaged in a campaign to turn your child against you. If necessary, our office will consult an investigator or ask that a psychological evaluation be conducted on a child and/or the other parent. Once evidence of PAS is clear, the court may deny or change custody and visitation arrangements accordingly.

Contact Parental Alienation Syndrome Lawyer Wendy Wood

The long-term consequences of PAS can be significant, affecting your relationship with your child for years to come. If you believe your child is being turned against you, contact divorce attorney Wendy Wood today.

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