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Bryan Texas Multi-State Custody Lawyer

The Need for a Bryan, Texas Multi-State Custody Attorney

Following a divorce, one spouse may feel the need to move to a different state and start his or her life over. With a dramatic decision comes a complicated legal process related to multi-state child support. If you or your former spouse decides to reside in another state following a divorce, you need an experienced attorney to navigate you through the process of multi-state custody.

Wendy Wood, the founder of our Texas family law firm, brings extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of the laws that govern multi-state child custody matters. For help, contact us at 713-893-1882.

An Experienced Houston Multi-State Support Attorney at Your Side

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) has exclusive and continuing jurisdiction for child custody litigation in the state where the child has resided since birth (if less than 6 months old) or for six consecutive months before your paperwork is filed. There are certain exceptions that can be communicated during your initial consultation at the Law Offices of Wendy Wood.

Once jurisdiction is determined, any custody-related matters must take place in that state's court. No matter how much time a child will visit the non-custodial parent in another state, the child's home state is where all proceedings must occur. While child custody and support cases can become emotionally charged, the focus of our founder is on the best interests of the child while adhering to the UCCJEA and the home state's laws.

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