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Houston Military Divorce Lawyer

Divorce for Active and Retired Military Personnel in Texas

If either or both spouses contemplating divorce are on active military duty, the case is likely to present complications on issues ranging from child support to whether the case can be filed in a Texas court.

To learn how current or former military status can affect your rights and responsibilities in a Texas divorce case, contact a Houston military divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Wendy Wood. We maintain offices in Houston and Bryan, and we're ready to advise and represent military personnel and their spouses who have been stationed at Fort Hood, Randolph Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, Brooke Army Medical Center or any other installation in Texas.

How Past or Current Military Status Can Affect Your Rights

We have an understanding of the jurisdictional laws relevant to determining whether a Texas family court is able to hear your divorce case, a decision that may turn on the military person's home of record or on where you have been living, be it overseas or on a Texas military base.

We will use our knowledge to help achieve the forum that is best suited to your goals.

Assisting With Child Custody Issues in Katy, Conroe, and Throughout Southeast Texas

We will address common issues arising in a military divorce, including:

  • Property division issues related to military pensions, including protection of benefits for a former military spouse
  • How deployment to active duty can affect your rights under Texas family law
  • Transfer of child custody or visitation rights to a service member's parents
  • Using a Leave and Earnings Statement for child support calculations

Military families are under enough stress without having to wonder whether their divorce attorney can handle the challenge of protecting their interests. At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, we're committed to helping each of our clients define his or her objectives and find the right strategic path for achieving them.

If you need advice about your rights in a military divorce case or need assistance with child custody issues in Katy, Conroe and throughout Southeast Texas, contact an experienced lawyer at the Law Offices of Wendy Wood for a free consultation.

"I proudly and efficiently handle all types of family law issues. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your family law questions and how my firm may help you resolve them."
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