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Differences Between Mediation and collaborative divorce

The Key Differences Between Mediation and collaborative divorce

While both mediation and collaborative divorce achieve the same goal of resolving family law related issues outside of the courtroom, the processes are not the same. Significant differences exist and you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to educate you on the differences and move forward with the better option.

Contacting Bryan-based attorney Wendy Wood, the founder of our firm, is a good first step in exploring ways to find creative solutions to your divorce.

Whether you are exploring mediation or the collaborative divorce process, contact our Texas law firm at 713-893-1882 to make an educated choice and take control of your future.

At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, we see the advantages of both mediation and collaborative divorce when resolving issues that involve:

The Option of Resolution Through Mediation

In most mediation, the primary negotiator is the mediator, as opposed to an attorney or client dealing directly with the opposing side. The mediator's job is to facilitate the settlement conference. Mediation is not a process, but a one-time, often marathon-like event. A session is held usually because a trial is imminent. Legal fees and trial preparation costs have accumulated and become another issue to negotiate.

Taking a More Long-Term, Thoughtful Approach Through collaborative divorce

collaborative divorce is a process that eliminates the intermediary, reducing the chance for misunderstandings. Several joint meetings are held where both parties and their attorneys communicate directly with each other. Everyone is allowed time to think matters through and carefully consider the options prior to making any final and binding solutions.

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