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What Is Texas collaborative divorce

What Is Texas collaborative divorce?

Litigation is anything but "family friendly" or "child friendly." Resolving disputes in a courtroom often forces family and friends to side with one spouse against the other. Family relationships are at risk, if not destroyed, leaving you with less money and those closest to you with emotional wounds.

Family law attorney Wendy Wood, the founder of our law firm, helps clients resolve complex divorce issues with dignity through the collaborative divorce process.

For creative solutions via collaboration instead of divorce litigation, contact us at 713-893-1882.

A Bryan and Houston Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Educating You on the Process

At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, we help clients through the settlement process that focuses on resolving disputes outside of court. The collaborative process is a safe and "user-friendly" environment for all parties to express concerns, negotiate terms and ultimately resolve conflicts.

Before beginning the collaborative divorce process, ground rules are established and documented in a written agreement signed by both parties. From there, both parties are guided via a "road map" that deals with discussions and resolutions while a neutral communications facilitator oversees the process. In addition, mental health, financial and child experts may also provide neutral advice and guidance to help find common ground.

Even though there is a commitment to avoid court in the written agreement, the process does not work for everyone. While more complex, pricey and emotionally damaging, litigation is sometimes the best route towards resolution.

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