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What Can collaborative divorce Do for You

What Can collaborative divorce Do for You in Houston?

collaborative divorce is not the right process for every divorce. Bitter and vicious disputes with a stubborn spouse or lawyer are more suited for litigation. However, when couples enter the courtroom to resolve contentious issues, they put important, life-changing decisions in the hands of a judge. Even though rulings will favor one side, there are rarely any true winners.

Attorney Wendy Wood, the founder of our law firm, is an experienced collaborative divorce attorney. If you are exploring this option, she will assess your case and identify if the process is best for you. It is possible to resolve family disputes with dignity.

The positives of collaborative divorce far outweigh the negatives. For more information on the advantages of a more peaceful and cooperative process, contact us at 713-893-1882.

A Bryan, Texas Divorce & collaborative divorce Attorney at Your Side

At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, our founder will communicate the various advantages of collaborative divorce, including:

  • A sole focus on a divorce settlement
  • Putting everyone on the same page
  • A roadmap to settlement, not the courthouse
  • Creating a less volatile atmosphere by committing not to litigate
  • A team approach to resolution
  • Better solution-oriented tools for child custody and child support issues
  • Less destructive dispute resolution for businesses
  • Assurances of full disclosure reduces the risk of a bad deal
  • A better quality deal for both parties
  • More efficient use of legal fees
  • More privacy than litigation
  • A mutually agreed-upon schedule
  • Parties and emotions removed from the courthouse
  • A better atmosphere for creative brainstorming
  • More control over resolving disputes

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