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Houston Child Custody Lawyer

Resolving Child Custody Disputes in Houston and Bryan

At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, we've handled many divorce cases where the primary or sole issue between the parties involved child custody. We've also helped unmarried parents with child custody issues that arise long after the determination of paternity.

If a child custody issue is threatening your child's best interests or your rights as a parent, contact us in Houston or Bryan for dependable advice and committed representation.

Call 713-893-1882 (Houston office) or 979-779-9663 (Bryan office) for a free consultation with a Houston child custody attorney

Our experience and understanding of the Texas Family Code can help you learn about your legal rights and options, but it's our close attention to the details of your specific situation and our commitment to your objectives that can make the positive difference in your case. We help both men and women with child custody problems such as the following:

  • Determination of primary physical custody of a child during and following divorce
  • Enforcing or modifying child custody arrangements on the basis of interference or changed circumstances
  • Helping troubled parents strengthen their skills and demonstrate their fitness to the court
  • Advising clients about their rights and responsibilities if the primary custodial parent wants to relocate with the child to another city, state or country

In recent years, we've helped many fathers establish their rights to primary or shared custody of their children in divorce or paternity actions. Although Texas law does not favor the mother as the presumed custodial parent, we sometimes need to educate the court and the other parent as to the equal rights of fathers in child custody disputes.

To learn more about your options concerning sole or joint legal custody, or how to overcome the barriers that might stand between you and primary physical custody of your child, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at the Law Offices of Wendy Wood.

"I proudly and efficiently handle all types of family law issues. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your family law questions and how my firm may help you resolve them."
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