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Meet Texas Family Law Attorney Wendy Wood

Divorce can be a complicated legal process that is filled with emotion. For many years, family law attorney Wendy Wood, the founder of our law offices, has helped Bryan residents and those throughout the state of Texas get through difficult times.

Divorce lawyer Wendy Woods' unique point of view combined with her legal background helps her clients get through the most difficult times in their lives. Our founder focuses on a compassionate approach in dealing with her clients, coupled with creative and aggressive strategies to protect their rights. For help, contact us at 713-893-1882.

For more information about our founder's background and qualifications, please follow the link below to review her profile or contact our office by phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

"I proudly and efficiently handle all types of family law issues. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your family law questions and how my firm may help you resolve them."
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